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Event Highlights: Growing a High Performance Team in the New Norm

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Recently, we held our inaugural webinar – ‘Growing a High Performance Team in the New Norm’, with our distinguished guest speakers – Julio Bermúdez, VP, APAC & LATAM of Amplitude, Dalena Lee, Senior Recruiter of Elastic, Kevin Quah, Co-founder & CEO of Tictag, and James Homer, Director of Cornerstone Global Partners (CGP)as moderator.

The discussion brought great insight into the opportunities and challenges each speaker faced when it came to hiring a team. Here were some of the key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Employee engagement is key to retaining staff and maintaining performance. All three of the panelists discussed how they stayed connected with their teams and arranged both professional and social events that ensured colleagues weren’t isolated.

  • Hiring remotely has posed huge difficulty to some, as it requires them to adapt to new processes and environments. The creation of processes for video interviews and other stages ensures that candidates are well looked after and given the best possible experience, along with hiring managers to make informed decisions for their teams.

  • Companies need to make sure that they make the most out of the time they can spend in person with their staff. As Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions aren’t controllable, the panelists agreed that it is crucial to still make an effort to meet their employees in person whenever possible, whilst ensuring safety.

  • The world is constantly changing, and companies and their teams must be adaptable to changes that are beyond their control. Older, more tried and tested methods of working may no longer apply amidst this “new normal'', and the most successful companies are the ones that innovate, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Technology is a key component of day-to-day life in this new world – and as such, video interviews, remote whiteboarding exercises, and software such as applicant tracking systems are key investments.

    A big thank you to our speakers for sharing your experiences and insight with us! We look forward to hosting another event, so make sure to watch this space!