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An Era Of Smart Recruitment With Technology

An Era of Smart Recruitment with Technology

Today, the job market is highly challenging and volatile. While the recent series of layoffs has been a harsh reality for candidates, at the same time, it offers an opportunity to several firms to ...

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2023 Southeast Asia Market Insights & Salary Trends Report

Welcome to the 2023 Southeast Asia Salary Trends and Guide by the CGP Group. This is the annual salary report to guide both employers and job seekers to acquire the right information about hiring t...

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7 Traits Every Employer Is Looking For In A New Employee

7 Traits Every Employer is Looking for in a New Employee

The process of hiring can be strenuous and expensive for both employer and employee. While there has yet to be any foolproof way to make hiring effortless, recruiters and managers strive to establi...

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Top Tips For Landing A Job In The Finance Industry

Top Tips for Landing a Job in the Finance Industry

Even on the best days, job seekers find the finance industry competitive and challenging to break into & secure a job. In an industry that is fast-paced and overwhelming, being an entrant in the in...

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5 Ways To Cultivate Inclusion In Your Organization

5 Ways to Cultivate Inclusion in Your Organization

When you think of inclusion at work, what ideas come to your mind? And, what does it mean to be inclusive? Well! Inclusion cannot be zeroed down to activities such as having a women’s group or atte...

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How To Build An Employee Recognition Program That Inspires And Motivates

How to Build an Employee Recognition Program that Inspires and Motivates

Everyone likes to feel recognised and rewarded for a job well performed. Don’t you? And undoubtedly, your employees are no exception to it. Everyone who works in the corporate world yearns for reco...

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