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Accounting & Finance Sector Jobs in Singapore: 2023 Salary Guide & Market Outlook

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Accounting & Finance Sector Jobs in Singapore: 2023 Salary Guide & Market Outlook

Stay abreast with the latest salary benchmarks and talent movement. CGP Group's "2023 Southeast Asia Market Insights & Salary Trends" report is now available to guide job seekers better navigate the ever-changing employment landscape as well as help employers optimise recruitment strategies to attract and retain top talent.

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Talent Trends in Accounting & Finance


  • There is increased demand for accounting professionals to add commercial value in their roles to partner with business functions

  • Demand for FP&A professionals continues to be on the rise with more multinationals having Singapore as their Asia Pacific Headquarters / Hub

  • The trend for digitalization in finance processes is on the rise with more emphasis in process automation and data

2023 Job Market Outlook:

As we look into 2023, with job uncertainty on the rise, companies will look to upskill employees with a focus on relevant knowledge and skillsets to reduce the skill gap and improve work efficiency and innovation rate. Accounting practitioners will need to be more tech-savvy to accommodate online collaborations between clients and employees.

Data breaches will also continue to be one of the biggest security threats in the finance department, where companies are investing in training programs to help accounting teams to be vigilant and be able to spot anomalies more easily.

Download the full report for more information on salary benchmarks for several accounting & finance roles and talent trends.

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