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The Role Of Body Language In Your Interview

The Role of Body Language in Your Interview

It seems almost incredible how body language has become an active aspect of human personality. Although most people still believe speech is the main communication form, body language's importance i...

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The Top Tools And Resources For Remote Workers

The Ultimate List of Remote Work Tools and Resources

“People are more productive working at home than people would have expected. Some people thought that everything was just going to fall apart, and it hasn’t.”  –  Mark ZuckerbergWhile everyone migh...

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The Importance Of Tailoring Your Cover Letter To The Job

From Generic to Personalized: Why Tailoring Your Cover Letter Matters

We live in an era where businesses spend billions on creating their brand identity & image. This means developing marketing resources & spreading the company’s vision and mission. Similarly, this ...

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Why Employee Upskilling Is Essential During Economic Uncertainty

Why Employee Upskilling is Essential During Economic Uncertainty?

The year 2023 started with economic uncertainty looming worldwide and is gradually becoming a real problem for organisations. Consequently, businesses may consider cost-cutting and slashing their w...

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Ask Right Questions Interview End

How to Ask the Right Questions at the End of an Interview

​There are two types of questions that you can always be sure you will be asked during an interview:1) Tell me about yourself (click here to read the article that goes into more detail)2) Do you ha...

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Applying For Your Next Cyber Security Role 3 Things You Need To Know

Applying for Your Next Cyber Security Role: 3 Key Areas to Master

Demand for cybersecurity professionals is intense across the globe - and the demand is expected to continue. Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming an essential part of every organisation’s strateg...

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Top Tips On Writing A Cv For A Data Science Job

Top Tips to Write a Resume for a Data Science Job

From retail, healthcare, FMCG to finance, more and more sectors are relying on data science techniques to improve its operational performances as well as augment personalized customer experiences t...

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

Singapore has invested in R&D, advanced manufacturing, and engineering technologies since its first National Technology Plan in 1991 to promote an innovation-driven, knowledge-based economy. This h...

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7 Traits Every Employer Is Looking For In A New Employee

7 Traits Every Employer is Looking for in a New Employee

The process of hiring can be strenuous and expensive for both employer and employee. While there has yet to be any foolproof way to make hiring effortless, recruiters and managers strive to establi...

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Top Tips For Landing A Job In The Finance Industry

Top Tips for Landing a Job in the Finance Industry

Even on the best days, job seekers find the finance industry competitive and challenging to break into & secure a job. In an industry that is fast-paced and overwhelming, being an entrant in the in...

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Remote Job Interviews

The Do’s and Don’ts of Remote Job Interviews

Are you job hunting right now? If yes, virtual interviews, also known as remote interviews, will be part of your hiring process. Surpassingly, remote/hybrid work is here to stay, and millions of jo...

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Skills To Master Before Your Next Job Search

Skills to Master Before Your Next Job Search

Technology is booming. While it is constantly changing and upgrading the workplace, at the same time, employers’ requirements and expectations are evolving for the workforce. The skills that employ...

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Blog 5 Screening Questions 1

Top 9 Candidate Screening Questions Recruiters Ask

It’s no secret that identifying impressive candidates is challenging, and there hasn’t been any guaranteed formula to make the whole recruitment process effortless. As a result, recruiters often fa...

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Which Are The Highest Paying It Jobs In Singapore

Which are the Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Singapore?

Your Guide to Discover Trending Technology Roles in SingaporeSingapore is on a massive digitalisation drive and continues to position itself as the top digital and technology hub within the Asia-Pa...

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Tips To Ace Next Job Interview

5 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview and Land the Job

Your Guide to Prepare for a Successful Job InterviewAfter you have applied to the jobs, getting shortlisted for the job interview and how to stand out is one of the most crucial steps in your job s...

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How To Write A Resume For Digital Marketing Jobs

How to Write a Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs?

In this age of technology and a growing transition towards digitalization, "Digital Marketing" can be an exciting job with creative, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Individuals with a dig...

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Top 3 Skills For Finance Leaders In A Post Pandemic World

Top 3 Skills for Finance Leaders in a Post Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has set in motion numerous new changes and challenges in how businesses and organizations operate. This includes an increase in flexible and remote work arrangement for worker...

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Time Management Tips 950

5 Effective Tips for Time Management for Recruiters

Recruiting is a time-sensitive occupation and being a recruiter means you hold one of the busiest and most in-demand jobs in the corporate world. Therefore, you will tend to have multiple tasks to ...

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Blog 1

Going Digital: Translating Your Traditional Marketing Skills to the Digital Era

​Marketing is a skill that has been around for centuries. It is the process of promoting products or services to consumers, usually through advertising. It has evolved over the years to include new...

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Interview 01

Top interview tips for a Government role

All job interviews are competency-based but - to ace your job interview, you need to be able to adequately present your experience and skills during the interview, highlighting previous achievement...

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