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Financial Services Sector Jobs in Singapore: 2023 Salary Guide & Market Outlook

Stay abreast with the latest salary benchmarks and talent movement. CGP Group's "2023 Southeast Asia Market Insights & Salary Trends" report is now available to guide job seekers better navigate th...

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Top Tips For Landing A Job In The Finance Industry

Top Tips for Landing a Job in the Finance Industry

Even on the best days, job seekers find the finance industry competitive and challenging to break into & secure a job. In an industry that is fast-paced and overwhelming, being an entrant in the in...

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The Dos and Don'ts for a successful banking career

​Despite recent conundrums around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Banking continues to be one of the most attractive industries for career development today. It could be the glorified tit...

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Up & Coming Roles within Financial Services

Within Southeast Asia’s financial services industry, there is an increasing transition in human capital from traditional platforms to disruptive startups. This is mostly triggered by global fund m...

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Transitioning from middle to senior position

​As employees in the Accounting & Finance industry, we are often faced with a common question: When and how do we move from a mid-level finance function role? Candidates often feel that they have h...

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