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The Role Of Body Language In Your Interview

The Role of Body Language in Your Interview

It seems almost incredible how body language has become an active aspect of human personality. Although most people still believe speech is the main communication form, body language's importance i...

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Ask Right Questions Interview End

How to Ask the Right Questions at the End of an Interview

​There are two types of questions that you can always be sure you will be asked during an interview:1) Tell me about yourself (click here to read the article that goes into more detail)2) Do you ha...

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Tell Me About Yourself

How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview

​“Tell me about yourself” is a very common start to an interview but also a deceptively difficult opening for most of us - especially for individuals who do not speak English as a native language.O...

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5 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Engineering

Singapore has invested in R&D, advanced manufacturing, and engineering technologies since its first National Technology Plan in 1991 to promote an innovation-driven, knowledge-based economy. This h...

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7 Traits Every Employer Is Looking For In A New Employee

7 Traits Every Employer is Looking for in a New Employee

The process of hiring can be strenuous and expensive for both employer and employee. While there has yet to be any foolproof way to make hiring effortless, recruiters and managers strive to establi...

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Remote Job Interviews

The Do’s and Don’ts of Remote Job Interviews

Are you job hunting right now? If yes, virtual interviews, also known as remote interviews, will be part of your hiring process. Surpassingly, remote/hybrid work is here to stay, and millions of jo...

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Skills To Master Before Your Next Job Search

Skills to Master Before Your Next Job Search

Technology is booming. While it is constantly changing and upgrading the workplace, at the same time, employers’ requirements and expectations are evolving for the workforce. The skills that employ...

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Blog 5 Screening Questions 1

Top 9 Candidate Screening Questions Recruiters Ask

It’s no secret that identifying impressive candidates is challenging, and there hasn’t been any guaranteed formula to make the whole recruitment process effortless. As a result, recruiters often fa...

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Tips To Ace Next Job Interview

5 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview and Land the Job

Your Guide to Prepare for a Successful Job InterviewAfter you have applied to the jobs, getting shortlisted for the job interview and how to stand out is one of the most crucial steps in your job s...

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How To Write A Resume For Digital Marketing Jobs

How to Write a Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs?

In this age of technology and a growing transition towards digitalization, "Digital Marketing" can be an exciting job with creative, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Individuals with a dig...

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Interview 01

Top interview tips for a Government role

All job interviews are competency-based but - to ace your job interview, you need to be able to adequately present your experience and skills during the interview, highlighting previous achievement...

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Financial 04

What qualifies as an attractive Accounting/Finance CV?

​With over 55,000 accountancy professionals in Singapore and more, each year with new graduates entering the workforce, the competition for Accountancy and Finance jobs can be quite intense, especi...

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