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The Future Of Work Preparing For The Changing Landscape Of Employment

The Future of Work: Preparing for the Changing Landscape of Employment

The world is changing, and so is the way we work. Trends like, artificial intelligence and automation are the stimuli that have spurred a transformation in the work landscape.When you think of the ...

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The Future Of Hr Predictions And Analysis

The Future of HR: Predictions and Analysis

Workplaces are undergoing rapid transformations driven by technology, globalization, and changing societal dynamics. This is true for the roles of Human Resources (HR) as well. With the advent of ...

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2023 Southeast Asia Market Insights & Salary Trends Report

Welcome to the 2023 Southeast Asia Salary Trends and Guide by the CGP Group. This is the annual salary report to guide both employers and job seekers to acquire the right information about hiring t...

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Which Are The Highest Paying It Jobs In Singapore

Which are the Highest-Paying IT Jobs in Singapore?

Your Guide to Discover Trending Technology Roles in SingaporeSingapore is on a massive digitalisation drive and continues to position itself as the top digital and technology hub within the Asia-Pa...

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Benefits Working Singapore Healthcare Industry

Why do You Need to Work in the Healthcare Sector? Here are the Top Reasons

Healthcare is a staple industry all over the world and in developed nations, a core industry underlining a healthy future. In Singapore, the healthcare industry has received increasing attention fr...

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Digital Transformation Manufacturing Jobs

Digital Transformation: 5 Industries Leading the Way

​Reshaping the Global Manufacturing LandscapeThe definition of digital transformation is still widely disputed across industries. It depends on the way one industry adopts new technologies or the t...

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2022 Cgp Southeast Asia Salary Guide

2022 Southeast Asia Market Insights & Salary Trends Report

​The State of the Market: Salary Guide & Talent Trends in Southeast Asia​Singapore has cultivated a great pool of highly educated and talented professionals. With the Singapore Government continuou...

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The Talent Shortage Crisis

​One of the most prominent questions that we get asked in the recruitment world, especially within technology recruitment, is ‘how will you deal with the candidate shortage?’. It would be a very ra...

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The Game is still Changing: Digitalization within Aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

​Digitalization is steadily changing everything, from the ways maintenance is planned to parts secured to documentation, execution, and turning of wrenches in hangars. This has resulted in the need...

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Why you should consider switching to the Healthcare industry

​Singapore’s Healthcare IndustrySingapore’s healthcare is renowned as one of the world’s best healthcare industries. This comes down to a combination of factors – strong regulatory governance, a go...

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The evolving landscape of Digital Marketing and eCommerce

​Digital marketing is on an exponential rise; as companies look towards scaling and improving their businesses, digital marketing has become one of the prominent strategies almost all businesses em...

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