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Manufacturing & Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering Jobs

The CGP Manufacturing & Aerospace Engineering jobs divison in Singapore is responsible for the searches within the Manufacturing sector and Aerospace related industries.

With our in-depth experiences and strong knowledge of the industry, we have successfully helped firms from Aerospace, Aviation, Electronics, and Precision Engineering to set up their operations in the Asia Pacific region from C-suite roles to project-based assignments. Furthermore, our consultants are also experts in the supply chain functions, provide real estate advisory and assist logistics and freight-forwarder companies seeking land acquisition and facilities management.

Our team has successfully placed positions such as CEO, COO, VP Operation, VP Sales, Director Engineering, and Director Supply Chain to projects involving 100 to 200 blue-collar works for new plant setups.

Our team values cross-border cooperation and can bring resources from different countries, functions, and industries to meet the customer’s needs. Whether it’s industry knowledge, recent developments, or advice and tips, our team is equipped to provide the latest industry information to our clients and talents.