Aerospace & defense

Aerospace & Defense

Elevate Your Career & Unleash Global Talent in Aerospace

Aerospace industry has grown quickly across Asia-Pacific, Singapore has developed its reputation as a dominant regional force. With the local sector growing by 8.6% over the last 20 years to achieve an impressive yearly output of $8.0 billion, this industry will maintain a prominent position in Singapore’s future in the years ahead.

A survey of 30 global companies last year with 850,000 workers, echoed that. “Workforce and talent concerns remain top of mind for aerospace and defense companies as they look at an increasingly competitive marketplace for highly skilled employees, both today and into the future,” the report says. “With rising employee turnover compounding an industry-wide shortage of talent, many companies are considering, or beginning to implement, more comprehensive talent strategies to help their workforces meet increasing demand.”

Sectors We Cover

At CGP, we cover multiple sectors under Aersospace & Defense, including:

  • Aircraft Manufacturers

  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Companies

  • Engine Manufacturers

  • Landing Gears Manufacturers

  • Avionics Companies

  • Airframe & Structures Companies

  • Cabin Interiors Companies

  • Airlines

  • Defense Companies

  • Airport Authorities

  • Component and Spares Part Companies

Positions We Work With

We hold expertise in hiring professionals for various roles, such as:

  • CEO

  • COO

  • CCO

  • VP, Operations

  • VP, Sales & Marketing

  • Quality Director

  • Engineering Director

  • Customer Support Director

  • Program Director

  • Supply Chain Director

  • Field Representative

  • Technical Services

  • Licensed Aircraft Engineers

  • Customer Service

  • Trade & Compliance

Why Choose CGP for Recruitment Needs in Aerospace Sector?

Over 10+ years of Aerospace consulting services and having placed and direct access to the regional top aerospace leaders giving us the edge on a very good understanding of each countries and companies culture. Extensive experiences by collaboration with countries government authorities on various aerospace & defense projects giving us the advantages in getting the best advises and insights with strong powerful database. Our flexibility in tailoring every single projects provides us the ability to serve both MNCs and SME companies.