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Clinical & Healthcare Jobs in Singapore

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CGP’s Healthcare & Clinical division in Singapore offers the entire spectrum of healthcare staffing services— all under one roof. Our talent acquisition process introduces our clients to a pool of professionals ready with the same human touch you give your patients, but our services are not limited to just sourcing and placing doctors/nurses and also include hiring for administrative and corporate positions as well. Finding exceptional talent isn’t easy, but our executive search for healthcare and clinical professionals keeps abreast of all the trends and market needs.

​CGP Singapore has an established network of over 5,000 global medical talent, carrying 5 to 20 years of healthcare industry experience. With an annual growth rate of 1,500 people on our database, we successfully place hundreds of them yearly. Our healthcare and clinical team powers a portfolio of healthcare providers serving the community within the healthcare space. We care about connecting people who care for humankind and aren’t shy in saying we know what we do and are best at what we do.

​We have branched into the following sectors:

  • Ministries

  • Statutory Boards

  • Public Healthcare

  • Organisations (Hospital, Polyclinic, Rehabilitation Centre, Nursing Home)

  • Private Healthcare (Hospital, General & Specialist Clinics, Rehabilitation Centre, Nursing Home)

​Our Functions Define Us

​You can always work with other companies, but only a few work and offer what CGP Singapore does. Trust the experts who have been placing passionate and competent healthcare professionals with the healthcare providers in Singapore for years.

  • Corporate Function - Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Marketing & Communications, Procurement, Public Administration & Engagement, Healthcare Transformation & Change, Governance & Grant Administration

  • Nursing - Senior Nurse, Nurse Manager, Nurse Director

  • Allied Health - Physiotherapist, Epidemiologist, Cardiac Technician, Respiratory Therapist, Radiologist, Psychologist, Phlebotomist, Pharmacist, Medical Social Worker, Medical Technologist, Nutritionist, Dietician, Medical Statistician, Speech Therapist

  • Research - Researcher, Laboratory Technician, Research Administration

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