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Life Sciences

Life Sciences Jobs in Singapore

​In recent years Life Sciences has gained much popularity and taken the center stage due to increased demand for industry related products. Life Science products span across Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Food Processing, Consumables which contribute to the improvement of all types of life forms.

Life Sciences has always been a hot topic of research as it has a direct positive impact on the quality of life. This intriguing journey of growth and development will continue to advance in leaps and bounds over the years to come. Life Sciences, a sunrise industry has now established a strong foothold and is here to stay.

The exponential increase in consumption of Life Sciences related products has led to a surge in demand for talent across all business verticals such as R&D, Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics/Supply Chain, Healthtech, Sales/Marketing, and all Corporate functions.

CGP Life Sciences jobs division in Singapore is committed to contributing effectively to the growth of the industry bridging the gap of supply and demand of talent. Our team of Life Sciences jobs experts are here to support you in your journey; as a company seeking to build teams or a candidate looking to advance in your career.