Automotive Process Release Engineer

Posted 30 August 2023
Salary 70-78K
Job type Permanent
ContactDawn Nerine Toh

Job description

Are you ready to ride the fast lane of automotive innovation as an Automotive Process Release Engineer? Whether you're a fresh grad eager to dive into the quality realm or a car enthusiast who's as passionate about software as you are about horsepower, this role puts you in the driver's seat of shaping the automotive future.


Role Overview:

Picture yourself as the mastermind behind optimizing systems and software processes. You'll be like the pit crew that fine-tunes every aspect of a high-performance vehicle. Working closely with engineering project teams, you'll be their guiding light on the road to quality excellence, all while keeping your eyes on the finish line of our commitment to delivering cutting-edge, eco-friendly mobility solutions.


Your Adventure:

  • Process Maverick: You'll be our very own James Bond of systems and software processes, seeking out opportunities to enhance and crafting solutions that'll have even Q nodding in approval.
  • Quality Guardian: Implement meticulously planned quality assurance strategies, making sure that the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed on every project you touch.
  • Empowerment Guru: Imagine yourself as the Yoda of process knowledge. You'll be developing training materials that'll equip our engineering teams with the skills they need to conquer any challenge.
  • Performance Detective: Think of yourself as the Sherlock Holmes of process monitoring. You'll work side by side with our engineering teams, making sure they're cruising smoothly while picking up on any potential roadblocks.
  • Process Superhero: No cape needed! You'll be the vigilant watcher, ensuring that all work products are consistent, accurate, and living up to the standards we hold dear.
  • Metric Maestro: Dive into the exciting world of dashboards and metrics, crafting reports that'll have even the most data-skeptical engineers nodding in appreciation.
  • Issue Buster: You'll be the first responder to non-compliance issues, tackling them head-on and being the bridge between challenges and solutions.


  • Gearhead Guru: Showcase your know-how in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, or Software Quality Assurance, proving that your love for all things automotive extends to the tech world.
  • Word Wizard: Your communication skills are on par with a magician, both written and spoken, and your knack for teamwork is unparalleled.
  • Engineering Enthusiast: You're no stranger to engineering V cycle development processes; you practically dream in them.
  • Internship Explorer: A taste of real-world experience as an intern in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, or Software Quality Assurance.
  • Academic Adventurer: Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science, proving that your academic journey has set the stage for technical excellence.
  • Auto Aficionado: Your passion for quality is matched only by your passion for cars; the automotive industry is your playground, and you're ready to make your mark.


If you're ready to join a global product leader with a 130-year legacy of delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, buckle up! We're committed to inclusivity, integrity, excellence, responsibility, and collaboration, and we're setting our sights on a cleaner, healthier, and safer automotive future. Let's start your journey together as an Automotive Process Release Engineer. Fresh grad or car aficionado, your role in optimizing systems and software processes is your ticket to automotive greatness. The road awaits!