Senior Product Cybersecurity Engineer

Posted 30 August 2023
Salary 128-143K
Job type Permanent
ContactDawn Nerine Toh

Job description

The Client:
With a legacy spanning over 130 years in delivering pioneering mobility solutions for the vehicle market, we stand as a global leader committed to reshaping the automotive industry. Our guiding principles of inclusion, integrity, excellence, responsibility, and collaboration form the compass for our journey towards a cleaner, healthier, and safer automotive future. Join us as we steer innovation!
Job Overview
As a Senior Product Cybersecurity Engineer, you're poised to play a key role in fortifying the upcoming generation of vehicles against cyber threats. Whether you're deeply rooted in the realm of cybersecurity or an adept embedded systems/software professional with a fervent interest in cybersecurity, your expertise will drive the creation of secure solutions that underpin our mission.
Your Mission:
  • Championing Cybersecurity: Become the catalyst for cybersecurity evolution in the ever-changing automotive landscape, advocating its significance and seamlessly integrating it into our projects.
  • Strategic Influence: Collaborate with project teams to shape and execute cybersecurity strategies that align with customer specifications, procedural guidelines, and harness your extensive experience.
  • Master of Risk Assessment: Conduct meticulous cybersecurity risk assessments and deftly perform threat modeling within the product scope. Propose countermeasures that navigate technical constraints and operational realities.
  • Balancing Safety and Security: Skillfully navigate the intricate interplay between safety and security, ensuring that solutions advance both facets without compromise.
  • Pioneering Technical Solutions: Lead the design and execution of cybersecurity technical solutions, working in harmony with hardware and software teams to ensure comprehensive security. Embrace the secure development lifecycle and contribute to a safer future.
  • Advocate of Assurance: Forge a robust cybersecurity assurance case for projects of cyber significance, artfully showcasing the degree of cybersecurity accomplished.
  • Driving Features: Spearhead the development of impactful features, providing technical guidance to hardware and software teams. Covering everything from immobilizers to secure boot methods and beyond.
  • Industry Immersion: Stay ahead by keeping abreast of the latest industry trends, nurturing a network that fuels your expertise.
  • Customer Interaction: Engage directly with customers on matters of technical cybersecurity, ensuring alignment with their expectations.
  • Experience Pioneer: Possess 2+ years of experience in a product cybersecurity role, or 5+ years in embedded systems/software, infused with a profound enthusiasm for cybersecurity.
  • Automotive Insight: Adeptness with Automotive cybersecurity/Functional Safety standards is a plus (e.g. ISO/SAE 21434, WP.29 SUMS & CSMS, ISO26262, NIST). A genuine passion for the industry is essential.
  • Technical Mastery: Demonstrate a command over public key infrastructure (PKI) in medium to large settings, encompassing key management and digital signatures.
  • Navigating Networks: A familiarity with automotive network architecture, modules, and protocols such as CAN and Flexray is ideal. Transferable familiarity with ethernet and the OSI model holds relevance.
  • Embedded Excellence: Understanding multi-core embedded microcontrollers with hardware trust anchors is a must.
  • Sector Savviness: Familiarity with module-based architectures like AUTOSAR and prior experience in the automotive, aerospace, or transportation sectors are sought-after attributes.
  • Communication & Ownership: Strong communication skills, combined with analytical prowess, allowing you to work independently and take charge of project outcomes.
  • Secure Coding Sentry: An understanding of secure coding practices, processes, and methods, including an awareness of vulnerabilities in languages like C, MISRA, and CertC.
  • Penetration Pro: Knowledge of penetration and fuzz testing techniques, including a toolkit of relevant tools and methods for effective product evaluation.
  • Certified Cyber Steward: Holding certifications such as CISSP, CEH, or SANS GMOB/GPEN adds a valuable edge to your candidacy.
Are you ready to steer your career towards a future shaped by automotive innovation and cybersecurity mastery? Embrace the opportunity as a Senior Product Cybersecurity Engineer, where your expertise, be it in cybersecurity or embedded systems, will shape an exciting and secure tomorrow. Join us in this transformative journey now!